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ive been with my boyfriend now for a year and a couple of months, 6 months into our relationship i made a huge sacrifice and agree'd to move to holland with him as he was offered a new management job. Of course after a few weeks i decided i would be happier with him than i was by myself, so after 2 months of him being there to set up a flat etc. i moved over, everything was brilliant i'd never lived with a guy before let alone hold down a relationship for longer than 4 months, but i knew this was different and a serious reelationship was what i was looking for ( after my bad history of mis jugung boyfriends and ending up in tears)

a few months into living with him (Nov 2008) and it was announced that his mum had breast cancer and giving that he'd lived with her (his dad works and lives away from home) all his life, they were very dependant on each other, from here things went down hill, he started to get annoyed very easily and i could see him shaking trying to hold back shouting sometimes for now reason, and yes i understood this, its a hard time and he needs me, so i turned a blind eye when he started getting annoyed and took things out on me for no reason.

But now its been 5 months and sadly its only got worse, hes started drinking every day and thinks its no big deal to have a 'few' of beers a day and giving that we work in a pub, when i ask him not to drink all the alcholics will give me queer looks and stick up for him, also he takes everything out on me, he can act all happy but when he gets home what evers annoyed him during the night he'll get worked up about and shout around the house, once it got so bad thast he was punching walls etc and we even had the police round. Now dont get me wrong i love him so much and it would break my heart to leave him, but how long do you allow someone to blame you, shout at you, make you cry, sometimes scaare you, then apologise and not remember the next day because he was drunk! it hurts me alot and in the last week there he was getting annoyed because i booked to come home by myself to see family and he started getting jealous and not letting me see my only friend left ( as i got rid of the rest of my friends because he told me thy were bad for me, which they probaly were but they were people i could trust and talk to and now i only have him) and not wanting to hear me mention it and then 2 days before i left when i thought everything was looking ok, he got really drunk again in our work and i didnt want to serve him shots as it was a wednesday at 6pm he started again and olong story cut short, i told him i want happy with the way he treated me in front of people and that yes it was the drink that aided him to start taking one of his 'turns' and that he had to change and he said it ws because of his mum etc.. but thats what i always hear, is this an excuse? or should i be more understanding? i also told him i didnt want to stay in holland all my life and i wanted to go home at one point and get a good paid job and stuff with him and he told me he wouldnt come with me. I know he loves me but im just getting my self stressed and depressed to keep him happy and i love him soo much...

Help me please any answers in the next 5 days before i go back would be brilliant! thanks

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