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thanks for everyones helpful comments so far.
His mother is currently living in scotland which is where were originally from and ive tried to tell him that maybe he should come home for a while because i know im unhappy with the way our life is going right now but he just doesnt want to leave and thinks that its not so simple as he doesnt want to deal with his mums illness first hand also we had some problems when i was getting rid of all of my friends for him, some werent too happy and now hate me so life in scotland would kind of be spent looking over my shoulder and thats not good either and also i now have no friends there.. im still really stuck on what to do, ive considered finishing it before but im scared he would do something stupid to himself or worse go mad at me, and although i hate myself for thinking it, i knoi its likely to happen, and i love him too much to see him hurt himself and i worry about how he would take it, i just wish he would come home with me and i could get him help..

i know he loves me as when hes not drunk ane were alone hes the sweetest guy ever, just like having a kid lol and he tells me he couldnt live withoyt me and he thought he knew what love was before but now hes got me he knows how love feels, he makes me feel special and ive never had that before only a bad history of cheating boyfriends, its just when were at work he'll talk down to me like im an idiot infront of everyone an that really upsets me and well then theres his 'turns'.. how can i approach him about getting help? i cant just leave him in holland as i know he'll either dosomething stupid which he has told me before and if i leave him and by chance he decides to come to scotland is that really how things should work as i wouldnt want him feeling stuck like how i feel now and what do i do if i do finish it? are there any guys out there that will treat me right? in have no girlfriends to talk to so im kinda screwed there too and my closest brother left for the navy yesterday so i cant talk to him. I just feel lost and unhappy and im not sure whats going to make me happy, any more help would be great.. and any advice on how to maybe fix eveerything would be fantastic, but i wont hold my breath =(

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