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My wretched ex-DIL is at it again. Back story - my son came down with a mystery neurological disorder (still not diagnosed) that makes him stagger and fall frequently, and affected his speech. In November, 2007, his wife tossed him out of their home, saying that she couldn't cope and if he stayed she would take the kids and go. It was supposed to be temporary as nobody knew that this condition would go on as long. He didn't want the kids to be out of the home they had all been in all their lives, so he came to stay with us. FOUR WEEKS later, he found that she had got a new man and was sleeping with him. That was his Xmas present. So he lost his health, his home and family and his career all in one fell swoop.
Anyway, it has been almost a continual nightmare, but we have helped him rehab to the point that he can live alone in a rented house around the corner from us and we can help him to have his kids over on the weekends. They agreed that he would pay the mortgage and she would cover the kids' expenses, but lo and behold she still took him to the Child Support Agency and claimed back pay for that period. This means he has,in effect to pay the money twice, also when he was paying the mortgage, he was on sick leave, and living in our spare room with no money. The house was sold eventually, and she got all the money from it except for $1000 which my son needed to cover fees etc. She moved into a huge house with the new boyfriend every contact that my son had with her (out of necessity only, believe me) enraged her to the point where she would threaten almost on a weekly basis to stop him seeing the kids ever again...
Anyway she is now pregnant and is being really nasty again. We know (from past experience) that she is gearing up to hit him with something. She will want a divorce before the new baby arrives, and she is getting hellish to soften him up for a fresh round of demands. She demanded money to have the five-year-old tutored in reading (!) and he said, "Tell me the tutor's name and I will pay the fees" SLAM, phone down in ear. He is really being patient. He texted her about the child's assessment (I was there while he sent it, helping him phrase it, and she called straight back and accused him of harassing her and that was it "You will not be having the kids again". I think she is peeved because she has found out that her child support from him will not double when she stops work, as he is still on part-time pay and has no more to give. I am venting here, How much longer do we have to put up with this lunatic??? All he wants is to see his kids once a week, without being threatened and blackmailed all the time. He is going to see a lawyer
and will take her to court if she doesn't let the kids come over. Sera.

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