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[QUOTE=Katty1986;3914921]When he is angry he threatens me, calls me horrible names and downgrades me. He also punches the wall or throws things. he says a nag him or don't make any effect to make him happy, He is also very jealous and possessive over me and hates me going out with friends.[/QUOTE]

[U]ALL[/U] traits of an abusive person (especially blaming 'you' for HIS ill behavior).

Ask yourself... "Do I deserve to be treated this way?"

If your answer is 'no' then start making your plan to be on your own, leave him and NEVER look back (as few truly change, they're too busy blaming others).

Its not easy to leave someone you love. And you can love him with all your heart but still need to leave him. This is why a plan is so important. It will empower you. You wont be stuck in his web of misery, instead you will be experiencing ALL of what life has to offer.

Without a plan these people tend to (somehow) take your soul. They make you believe YOUR actions or behaviors cause them to be the way they are. And you stay -to work things out. Before you know it, you'll be tip-toeing around his life and missing out on YOUR own. (Youre probably doing this now.)

Most behaviors like his escalate? Throwing things turn into pinning you against the wall (or worse). They lack self control... you could be hurt/killed. Please say children are not part of this equation.

Your plan s/b built on "how to leave" (if youre living together). If youre not living together, just plan how to avoid him, what to do if you feel like calling him (cuz that happens too) etc.

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