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kzan I can't stop laughing at your response I am in tears lmao

I have attempted for very big reasons (not cheating I don't approve of that or even allow the 'borders' to be tainted with exes, friends and whatnot) not that I dont mind friends, but dont come hanging all over my bf without introducing yourself and showing me some respect.

So the few times we have split, he dropped everything and came running back, and I took weeks to take him back. He has never split up with me, (I AINT PERFECT) he just takes alot of women crap and taps it upto 'all you women are the same' until I reem his but and say if I am the same why be with me??

I dont get the avoidance, I know he doesn't make a whole lot of money, so that was a big adjustment for me, as my recent ex was not 'well off' but, we made ends meet easily, and I shopped and ate whatever and wherever I wanted and never had to work.

So I TRY to not be the idiot blinded princess I am, (I am not proud of it but after being married for 8 yrs, and dating 5 prior to that) I am accustomed to some things unfortunately, which makes me look bad at times when I just dont SEE things, like how much money is being spent, or why he doesn't really but himself many things, and things like that.

Alot of times I just buy him nice gifts, or something I KNOW he needs, he's actually younger on the inside and A VERY sensitive person who seems to do the man thing and cut himself off from conversations, sometimes we have deep talks, but when it comes to living together, moving, and so on, it's always vague.

I have always tried to keep myself as perfect as I can, hair, nails, shaving, dressing, going to the gym, now I am a mess, can't drive, lost my job, can't even care for myself much due to my injury, (I WILL get better, it's just a LONG LONG road) AND I"ve gained 20lbs plus.

I would just think with everything going on and how hard it is with me being so hurt, it'd fast foward things, instead of them stay how they are as he runs ragged all over the place??????????? I don't know why he does this. WHY WHY WHY I CANT STAND IT WHY

As for good things about him- he's beyond loyal, always calls, comes over when i need him, we always get along, we don't hardly fight, if I am upset he (sometimes) fixes the problem and we're back on, if Its something BIG thats emotional he takes the time to listen and we resolve it. We have a good sex life (when it works), he's very family oriented, met my kids and everyone gets along.

I don't know. everyone thinks he's 40 as he looks young for his age, I almost died when I learned he was 47 when we met, as I had no clue he was that much older than me, and I figured give it a try, we hit if off before I knew so why not?

He's got a motorcycle we both love riding, I dont have one- yet- and now with this back injury I dont know I can get one now but, I still want to.

I just don't know. I really don't. I want to know why things have not changed in so long and he won't tell me and I get vague answers. AND I can't even drive or care for myself as of yet, I couldn't dump him, I NEED HIM, and I don't really WANT to dump him-I dont think?? I think now maybe I KNOW why all his exs are 'friends', it's because of this I am beginning to think- EVEN THOUGH he's gone farther with them- living together- buying a house- engaged? I mean COME ONE


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