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Basically, Ive been with my bf for about 6 months and the first few months were great. Then I went on the pill, which caused horrible side effects, including EXTREME mood swings. it would cause me to cry about everything and I would get annoyed by everything and take it all out on my poor bf. He put up with this for about 3 months. He knew it was the pill, but begged me to stop taking it. I didnt listen, and thought I could control my emotions whilst on the pill if I tried hard enough..but I obviously couldnt. Then it came to a point where it just got too much and he wanted to break up with me. I promised to come off the pill and he said he'd give me one more chance...It's been 5 days since I've been off the pill and I feel SO much better, although not 100%. We didnt see each other for the first two days of me coming off it, and when we did, he said that he saw such a huge difference in my behaviour and that it was like having the old gf back. Anyway, things were great for a few days, until this morning. To cut a long story short, he wanted me to stay at his house for a few days over the holidays and my parents are quite strict and wont agree to that...this isnt news to him. However, he said something along the lines of 'well, it's so much hassle having to work around your parents. Why can't I just see my gf when I want to?', and I replied with 'why are we going out, if it's so much 'hassle'?'. I previously used to use the phrase 'why are we even going out' when I used to start petty arguements with him whilst on the pill. So...he got really annoyed, etc. But I think he's overreacting..and this is because it has all just added up and he's fed up. We broke up for the Easter holidays today and went back home...then I called him in the evening and he was quite cold with me. I asked what was wrong and he said 'im still not happy about this morning and 'us'. I can't just relax with you because there's always one problem or another'.
Basically, please tell me if I'm wrong, but I dont think that how I reacted this morning is THAT much of a big deal. However, I think it's because ive done so many things over the past few months that he's now fed up and the smallest thing that goes wrong becomes a big problem. I dont know how to break this cycle. He basically cut me off on the phone and said 'i want to go now. ill speak to you tomorrow, bye'...I feel like we need to meet up in person in order for things to get better. However, I dont think he's exactly desperate to see me. he's not treating me that well, so I dont want to be desperate and clingy by just turning up at his house..but I dont see another way. I feel like I NEED to see him. Would it really be that awful if I just turned up, or should I ask him first? I'm just so worried about this relationship and really really want to try my best to make it work, especially since coming off the pill. So, any ideas?

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