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I don't know what to do anymore. :( My fiance of 3 years suddenly walked out on me without any warning a week ago. She has moved back in with her mother, with whom she actually doesn't get along and who has tried to break up our relationship from the start. She has always been trying to influence her negatively and has tried to break us up many times before.

The day she left, she'd sent me a text saying that she's got a "surprise" for me and that she'd come meet me in town later. I waited for ages and then texted her and asked what's going on, she never replied and didn't answer her phone either when I called her. I had a bit of a go at her over voicemail because I'd been waiting for 3 odd hours and then went home. When I got home the house was in a really bad state and all her stuff was gone. :(:confused:

She refused to speak to me that night and I found out she was at her mother's and had no intentions of ever coming back. I was left in the house with our dogs and had no idea if she was ever going to come back or anything. I tried contacting her the next day, but she just had her phone switched off and I texted her that I need to talk about what to do with the dogs and the house. She called me later and said that I should give the dogs to a shelter. I said I didn't want to do that if she is coming back and she said if she was coming back, it wouldn't be for a long time.

She's constantly giving me mixed signals, one minute saying she still loves me but just needs time alone and then I can ask her again about coming back, the next minute she is saying that the relationship meant nothing to her and that it never felt right. :( These sound like the phrases her mother uses and I am scared that she is influencing her negatively, especially since she is now staying with her.

I decided not to contact her anymore, because she asked for space and if I keep contacting her it will decrease the chance of her wanting to come back and today she has tried to call me on my mobile, which was switched off at the time, and she sent me an email telling me she's found out that I've moved out and what's going on.

It's been so hard in the past week to just get up every day, to eat and sleep, I have been so close to giving it up and I was feeling a bit better in myself today and now this email has totally thrown me back. Is she contacting me because she feels it was the wrong thing she did, breaking up with me? Do we still have a chance now? (I had given up before.)

She had been spending more time with her mother in the past few months and we ended up arguing every time she got back because her mother would have said something hurtful about me and it would make me get angry and this really stressed her, that she was feeling like she was being pulled in both directions. She was really stressed and I've been as supportive as possible, making sure she can see a counsellor to talk to if she doesn't want to talk to me and now she's just walked out. :(

She was my everything, we had so many plans for the future. She was also my best friend and I feel like I lost that too. I honestly don't really believe her that our time together meant nothing at all - I feel like she's saying it to make it easier for herself, or she is trying to tell herself that, because of her mother. I know her so well and we've shared everything, always talked about problems, that I just can't believe it's her decision. The other week, we were just talking about all the stuff we want to do together and it was genuine. Does anyone have any advice what to do?:( Will she come back? How do I get her back?:(

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