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I have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years, but for the past few months I have been feeling so insecure about our relationship. I lost my job 4 months ago and have been out of work he recently started a new job, lately I have been checking up on him , emails, texts , asking him a million questions if girls call his phone ( who are just clients of his ) I have never been this way in the past, could it be because I am bored when I was working we didn't really have this problem. I know his is not the type of guy to cheat but we did have one incident in the past about 2 years ago or even longer when I did cheat on him and we talked about it, but he did go behind my back and meet with some women and I found out about it but it turned into nothing, he claims he did it just to show me how he felt when I hurt him we both got over those issues they were along time ago and we have been fine and close as ever. Another issue might be that he is 10 years older then me I am 23 and his mentality about things and life is different since he was not born and raised in the US.His personality is not the type to care about girls he cares about making money and being a geek on the computer. Lately my insecurities have been getting in the way he is starting to get annoyed with me "stalking" him and asking to many questions he says that if he wanted someone else he wouldn't be with me , he would leave me first. I don't know why I feel like he is hiding something from me he is not over protective over his phone he leaves it out where I can see it and check it but I have caught him deleting texts but he says he deleted them because the box was full . I really don't know whats wrong with me and I hate feeling this way. Today I was on the phone and one of his co workers called him and said something and he looked at me funny and switched the phone to his other ear and said no not yet I have a feeling something is going on but couldn't hear because I was on the phone my self he got mad after he got off because I started again and he said it was about a customer yadda yadda , but my head is playing tricks on me because I know he loves me and I am driving him crazy with this he says he feels insulted that after all of these years I could think this way and today he finally got so upset and said he is packing his stuff and moving out he left for an hour and then he came back. We even got matching tats on our backs for valentines day which is against both of our religions, so I know something is there.He keeps telling me that if your accusing me all the time I might as well go out and do something since I am being accused anyways , he also has been saying that if anyone is going to ruin this relationship it is you , and I think he is right. He is my best friend and I don't want to lose him because of this he is an awesome guy and has been by my side during my hard times in the past few years. I need some advice I want to be normal again.:(

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