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Probably what he means is that what the two of you have is as close to having a girlfriend as he's willing to get. For whatever reason, he's just not wanting to be "tied down" or whatever. Perhaps in the past he's had girlfriends who wanted him to stop playing in the band, or wanted more of his time than he was willing to give, etc. So his past is bearing on his present and future.

I think I mentioned that my guy is a semi-professional athlete. You don't know how many times I've seen girls and women who are so attracted to these guys and want to date them, then as soon as they do they try to get them to stop participating in the events! The very thing that attracted them to the guy is what the try to get him to stop doing when they see how much time it takes up, and that they are not a priority. So maybe Louie thinks a full-time woman would want too much from him, be jealous or insecure, or try to get him to quit.

Well maybe the "B" part of "FWB" will come later, but in the meantime, as long as you aren't pinning your hopes on Louie changing his mind and being your boyfriend, enjoy. I know how you feel about women who think they can "change" a man!

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