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[QUOTE=pendulum;3938314]I don't know enough about women, lol, but I should think this one is playing hard to get. Why don't you move on strategically, that is, pretending that you are no longer interested in her and find other girls to go out with, without dating them, you see? Watch her reaction. Maybe you can draw her out that way. But wait a minute, do you think that her introverted (what do I know?) personality will be a good match for yours? Or are you just into her because she is so difficult to reach?[/QUOTE]

No I disagree with this person. Women don't like when a guy who is CLEARLY interested in them goes off to pursue someone else! Hello!! Keep pursing until the girl says I'm really not into you, or stops calling. This girl is totally into you, she is just shy! What if she;s never dated before, she probably doesn't know how to act! Her timing is off from yours, she doesn't have the confidence to agree with you on being an official couple. She likes this rope she's strining you along on and will gain confidence and come out with what you want to hear pretty soon. Keep being sweet to her and don't pressure her. The most enjoyable thing a girl can have is a guy lusting over her that she is into. It is bliss for her.

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