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Ok I would really appreciate somebody's opinion on my problem. Im currently married and have been for 10 months. My last marriage lasted for 8 years and ended suddenly when my ex wife left me for a co worker. Im 34 years old and im sick of the games my new wife plays with me. She is 27 and very attractive. All throughout our relationship she has had a thing for "seeking" attention of other men...and by that I mean constantly having several guy friends who have in the past made our relationship very difficult... She would constantly get text messages that I thought were inappropriate before we got married but she always new what to say to me to make me think they were harmless. But after we were engaged the messages didnt stop...and it was really starting to hurt me...I was guilty of going through her phone, email... I couldnt trust her...I just didnt want to go through being left like I was in my first marriage..but I have always given her the benifit of the doubt..Then last may we got married and all was well for a few text no supicious email.. Then in October she was back to her old tricks...she posted a profile on a social network... I laid in wait acting like I had no clue what she was doing...It was a nerve racking week watching her contact other guys and doing some flirting.. Then I had my breaking point...I confronted her about it. And of course she tore into me telling me I did not respect her privacy and was to noisy for my own good and didnt trust I left for 3 days and she begged me to come back that she didnt do anything wrong really..she said she felt that i was distant and that made her do it...ok so here I go back but I tell her I'm not distant and she can talk to me about anything..I married you and I meant my vowels...I would never do that to you but if this happens again...its over! So the last few months went by and one night I couldnt sleep I just had a gut feeling that she was up to it again...I get her laptop and decide to see what she had been looking at...MySpace.. go figure...she had been pulling up her ex husbands profile and that of his new girlfriend as well as some other guys...I didnt say anything to her I thought well she just may have been curious to as what he was doing...but I still was a little I began monitoring her email everyday...and then right in fromt of me was a confirmation to a "hidden email account she had created...she knew I knew about her email account so she went and created well as a Myspace page...So I knew she was up to her old tricks again. So I hacked her email and myspace account..she never has been to good with creative passwords..and in front of me was letters to two seperate guys... In one of those letters she was talking to a guy telling him how sexy he was and he looked great since she had not seen him in a while...she was flirting hard! The letter to the other guy she asked him to lunch sometime...since she hadnt seen him in a while.. I lost it...I immediately confronted her and here again she said they were old friends and thats how she joked with them and again I was noisy and it was none of my business. I left and thats been a week ago.. We are married not dating...and is this how a married woman acts...It makes me look like dirt to her "friends"... I might be old school but she is sending messages to other men that make it look like she doesnt take her marriage or me serious.... She has called me a bunch and I have stood firm...she finaly admits that she screwed up and her heart is broke without me...and to give our marriage 1 more chance...I dont trust has been violated so many times....

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