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i find out from someone else just recently, that on new years eve, a drunk girl kissed my boyfriend. i was with him at the party, with a lot of other couples. he told me that she asked him to come talk to her about HER boyfriend, so he went, and he said she went in and kissed him. then she looked at him and smiled, and he just left the room. in the mean time, i'm there hanging out with everyone, and he acts like everything is fine the rest of the night. and for the three months after since he just admitted it to me yesterday. i'm hurt, because we are truley in the love with eachother. we know we are. he didn't want the girl to kiss him, and when she did, he was in shock. he said he didn't know how to react to it. he was too afraid to tell me because he didn't want me to go crazy. he said he just wanted it to go away. i asked him how he kept it from me for three months and he said it was so hard and that everyday he wanted to tell me. i'm hurt, but at the same time, i confused about what to do. should i forgive him and take him back? he wants a second chance so bad, he says everyone deserves a second chance. and i know when he's being sincere, and i can tell he means every word. i just don't want to be "weak" and take him back, if it's going to be for the worst. i just need others' opinions. so if anyone can give me advice, i would GREATLY appreciate it. oh, and if it makes a difference, we've been together for ten months and our relationship is very serious. this was definitely the last thing i would expect from him. what do i do?! god bless.

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