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[QUOTE=Brokenheart88;3945440]I wasnt expecting instant contact - I just wanted for her at the very least to show some effort and initiative in contacting me if she wasnt lying about really wanting to gettting to know me. I mean after the first couple times we talked on the phone, she went 5 days before returning my call or even txts. I know people get busy and may work a lot, but sorry...a call to someone takes 2 mins out of your day. Even a simple txt takes 20 seconds! Show some common courtesy! Its just careless and perhaps insulting to treat someone like last nights dinner.

But when she says that she will "call, text, get back to me" and she doesnt? How am I suppose to not think negatively of that? And the fact that she was so stuck on maybe plans for fri night, and even tells me to call her at noon on Fri just before she goes to work so we can finalize things....she doesnt even pick up and even more insulting ignores me for the rest of the day!

When I talked to her thurs night, she flat out said that shes serious about wanting to getting to know me and even suggested hanging out. She was always THE one who suggested us hanging out. But when we tried to make plans for fri night, she was making it so difficult, like a complete chore!

Im sorry but im just a straight up guy who speaks my mind and wears my heart on my sleeve. I like a girl, I show it and put effort into getting to know them. I make plans, I pick a day, time and place. But shes obviously not very accomodating.[/QUOTE]

I think you need to relax and not be so judgmental. You use words like 'lying' 'insulting' 'ignores' 'complete chore''not accommodating'. You have made it all her fault and not thought about your behavior at all. Has it occurred to you that maybe she really is busy in her life....maybe she isnt a person who wears her heart on her sleeve, may be she finds 'straight up' confronting.

What do you mean 'straight up'? do you mean honest or do you mean full on and to the point. think about the answer and compare it to your behavior. It can be a rhetorical question...
Reading back over your orignial post you contacted her every day for the first few days and then 'off the bat' you "asked her if she was serious about wanting to get to know each other. If not, then tell me now, so I can move on as Im not into games. I was just upfront with her." That is very confronting after only one week...I would have run a mile or if I was interesting in gettting to know you a bit better I too would have wanted a busy placve to meet. Also after just eight days you are questioning if she is playing games...I think it's all a little too full on.
Also re read your post, look at the language - 'I was bored so I txt her'' surprisingly she called back' 'not surprisinlgy she didnt call back''I was skeptical by now...I was also skeptical that she would even pick up her phone'. It is all very negative. You keep saying that she 'didnt pick up' - maybe she wasnt there or she was in the shower, you make it sound as though she was sitting near the phone but didn't pick it up because she knew it was you. Remember that you called off the calls in the first day or so becouse your were busy or driving or whatever and yet you seem to have a negative opinion of her not being able to take your calls.

I dont think that she is being selfish, I think she is being wary. I think you may be overwhleming her.

I'm sorry, I am not trying to box you around the ears, I just think that maybe you should give a little space, a little mysterious exploration to a potential new realtionship. I think maybe you need to have a little look at yourself.


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