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[QUOTE=jsfai;3945514]I think you need to relax and not be so judgmental. You use words like 'lying' 'insulting' 'ignores' 'complete chore''not accommodating'. [/quote]

I'm not purposely being that way but its hard to not think negatively that's all. I still want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

[Quote] You have made it all her fault and not thought about your behavior at all. Has it occurred to you that maybe she really is busy in her life....maybe she isnt a person who wears her heart on her sleeve, may be she finds 'straight up' confronting[/quote].

Yiu have a good point - I never thought of that. But that still doesn't explain herself for not even calling me back on fri when she flat out told me thurs night that she wanted to do something on fri and for me to call her fri @ noon to finalize plans. How would you explain that? Anyone would take that as a slap in the face, especially since she txt me last night saying how she ended up going out with her friends fri night. So that gives her a reason not to at least let me know that she didn't want to do anything that night? Its called being responsible and having common courtesy.

[Quote]What do you mean 'straight up'? do you mean honest or do you mean full on and to the point.[/quote]

Straight to the point and I speak my mind. I have nothing to hide.

[Quote]Reading back over your orignial post you contacted her every day for the first few days and then 'off the bat' you "asked her if she was serious about wanting to get to know each other. That is very confronting after only one week...I would have run a mile or if I was interesting in gettting to know you a bit better I too would have wanted a busy placve to meet. Also after just eight days you are questioning if she is playing games...I think it's all a little too full on.[/quote]

After we originally talked 2 thurs ago - I called her on the fri, sat, sun. Nothing on mon, txt her on tues, nothing on wed and then she took the initiative and got in touch with me again on thurs.

[Quote] Remember that you called off the calls in the first day or so becouse your were busy or driving or whatever[/quote]

Big difference - when she called me back and I couldn't talk I called her back when I was available. Whereas she takes her sweet time. She even told me on thurs night that she had wed off work and just spent the day with friends. If she really was into me, and as busy as she says, you would think that she would contact me on her day off as opposed to when she's at work.

[Quote]I'm sorry, I am not trying to box you around the ears, I just think that maybe you should give a little space, a little mysterious exploration to a potential new realtionship. I think maybe you need to have a little look at yourself.

True - well she txt me late last night saying "sorry about last night, my friends forced me to go clubbing, I knew you don't like clubs. I'm with them now"

Ok so she went out with her friends instead - that's cool, I have no problem with that. But still should have at least taken the 2mins out of her day to let me know that she didn't want to do anything anymore on fri. Its called common courtesy. Anyone knows this!

So now that she has txt me last night - what you sugeest I do now? How do I even react to what she said? I have no clue to be honest. Should I wait a day before replying back? Should I call instead? Should I give her the benefit of the doubt again and try to make plans with her again?

She does have tues and wed off work this upcoming week and said she would be up for doing somethingt then.
[QUOTE=Jessicca;3945839]Go with your initial instinct by not texting her and waiting for her to call you. That was very rude of her to go out AFTER she made plans with you and didn't tell you UNTIL she was out. Sheesh...if it was me I wouldn't text back but if she calls you, I would give her ONE more chance. Three strikes and your out.:D No but really, that's what I would do.[/QUOTE]

Well she didnt officially make plans with me for fri night, nothing was set in stone. She just said to me thurs night to call her fri @ noon before she heads off to work and then we can make something concrete. Then I called, she didnt pick up, I left a message and she didnt get in touch with me until late last night.

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