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well on 2nd thought there are advantages to a relationship like this....

for one you don't have to worry about him cheating on you because

1) he can't afford to take someone out.
2) he has no social skills
3) you also don't have to worry about someone stealing him away from you because who would want a guy who has nothing to offer them?
4) you always know where he's at.....he's not out drinking picking up women, he's planted in front of his computer......he's very reliable.....
5)and while he doesn't work and you will be bringing home the bacon, you are in control!

after looking at it from this perspective, I think this guy is a great catch!!!
This sounds like a wonderful relationship....
best of luck to you both!!! I'd start planning the wedding now, after all, since he doesn't say much, it's doubtful that he'd argue or put up a fuss.....he'll probably just nod and say uh huh to whatever color flowers you want etc!!!

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