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I know exactly what you are going through and im so sorry to hear about it. My boyfriend of 18 months broke up with me in 07, with no apparent reason. He said he believed we were "going seperate ways" and that our relationship had become "cold and distant". All lies because our relationship was stronger then it had ever been, why else would he be talking of getting a place together?

Prior to the brake up, he was set so high in my book of admiration it was impossible for him to do anything wrong. He was such a genuine guy, so caring and sweet. He would sporadically buy me gifts or cook dinner. My family adored him. He did laundry!! He was perfect, as it seems, only on paper.

I was certain i would never find a guy like him. I thought he would be "the one".
I was very confused when he ended things. I tried hard to reason with him and get him back. But failed. I was miserable for a long time. My girlfriends + family were unable to cheer me up. I felt innadequate. I gave that man everything he ever asked for and more and in return - he ends our relationship!?

I fell into a depressive lull for about 6 months of my life. I focused on my career and nothing else, predominantly as a distraction. I did nothing else. I missed birthdays, and definitely avoided weddings.

Then one day my best friend came by my office with coffee. We had a long chat and she expressed her concerns for me. She told me to (excuse the language) "harden the f**k up". I had always been a strong person not much could get me down, but i was heartbroken. She wouldnt take this for an excuse. She asked if i thought my x would be behaving in a similar manner. I thought about it. He definitely wouldn't be. He would be out galavanting like the irresponsible, immature prick he turned out to be. Why should i be wallowing over his sorry arse when he clearly doesnt give a sh*t? I decided after that, no longer will he prevent me from living and ENJOYING my life. I started a kickboxing class just for something new. Met some new friends. Have met a few great guys, nothing serious just some fun :) Occasionally he will cross my mind, but seeing as he broke up with me i figure it was inevitable, and im just glad he didnt prolong it. As for now i am really happy. Its been almost 2 years. It's a long time i know.. but things will, and can only get better.

It is going to be very difficult. Time (and a good distraction) will heal your pain. But i promise you, in the end you will be stronger person, you will move on =)

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