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Well i did doubt it a bit too. But i know the path that takes you to the beach, they rerouted it through this really closed off construction area because they are building a new parking lot. I can see how someone could snatch her and do something, but i cant see how if she fought it, that nobody would hear or notice. But her brother was gone, he left the beach and drove somewhere nearby to get food, its a pretty big beach.

Just like the first attack when she was 13, only her mother knew about it. Then she told me, other than that, nobody else knows. But i am 100% positive its true. I know how it affected her, and i know she would never lie about it, or lie about it happening again.

She originally came up with this story, saying she felt like she has no friends but me, and one other friend. So she invited this girl from her class to meet at the beach, but only a guy from her class showed up. She said that he tried to kiss her, and she stopped it and left. That seemed weird to me, she invites a girl and someone else shows up? Then she said she wants to take it slow, because her mom thinks if we just jump back in then we will fight again and break up. But it turns out she went to the police, only her mom knows, and she is going to the doctor tomorrow to get checked out because she said her vagina hurts and bleeds.

Since that day, when i thought the guy kissed her (i didnt find out she was attacked until like 3 hours ago), she has been distant. She doesnt want to see me as much (because she claimed she wanted to take it slow), she goes out a lot (to be around people to help her "feel better" which i know she is like that), and has been spending a lot of time with her mom, which makes sense.

Just please guys, dont talk the way you have been talking. Bring it up like, a little more nicely? Its really bugging me, and the way some of you stated some things was a little wrong.

I am pretty confident is true. But she has lied to me before, and she has made up some pretty in depth lies. I just do not ever see her lying about this, especially since she HAS been attacked before. I do have a lot of trust issues with her, her word isnt that strong to me, but i dont think really anyone who has been attacked before, would lie about being attacked again. Especially after a 2 year relationship.

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