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My neice told me wrong today, she just doesn't know the full story. His probation officer hasn't talked to the judge yet. So maybe they will decide to do something with him after all.

The probation officer said he could quit school and then turned around and said not to let him. So I guess he is coming back home tonite.

Well, the knife thing, we had him put in a hospital for 3 weeks over that. The court judge wasn't going to do anything until I got to the point of crying and told him I was afraid my nephew was going to end up hurting my mom, and then they let us put him in the hospital. But it didn't do any good. Infact, his behavior got worse.

The police know that he's been threatening to kill her and that he's been having violent behavior.

My mom has to be the one to say, hey, I've had enough. But she didn't want to see him end up in jail. I cannot press charges on him for abusing & threatening her. She has to be the one to do that.

I did however call and tell his probation officer today about how he was wanting to burn her house up. I've called this man for days, and I can't get directly ahold of him, so all I really could do was just leave the message. This isn't something I have talked to the police about. He did not actually commit the crime here, he was just wanting to, then pursued to pour gasoline out in her front yard, and then backed out of doing it.

My family can really cause some serious stress. I try to do what I can to help but I can barely take care of myself. It's gets hard getting pulled in the middle of all of this.

I just heard my other nephew, he's only 14, that he skipped over 20 days of school and now they're taking him before a jury and wanting to have him locked up until he's 18, so he's also cussing the teachers at school and stuff, but is that seriously reason to put him in jail for 4 freeking years? This isn't all his fault. His parents have HORRIBLE behavior. One drinks all the time and smokes pot, the other parent snorts pills/smokes pot, plus she is having an affair with a 20 year old and she's 43 years old, and her kids know all about it. The actions between mom & dad, they are lucky the kid hasn't went psycho.

I have to take my mom to the court house monday so my neice can go to her hearing, and watch them take her off to jail. I DO NOT want to go. I don't know how I am going to stand to see that happen. I don't know why they can't try something a little less harsh with her, considering she hasn't committed any really serious crime.

I really really really do not want to be pulled in the middle of all of this. Mommy should be getting off her hind end and be the one to be going.

I am so physically exhausted and sick but I still wish I could just take these two younger kids and let them come and stay with me, if the court would permit it as a possible trial basis to see if it would help them. But I doubt they would. I think they could at least try an outpatient therapy program with these kids, do something, that wouldn't require years of jail.

I guess I mind as well quit crying about it, it's not going to do any good. :(

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