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Sure you feel stuck. It's easy for him to move on, when you are still having issues with all thats happened. It's easy for him to believe he can be trusted, but not so easy for you to trust him.

The only advice I can really give you is this......don't let him push you to move on with this until you are ready. Only YOU will know when the time is right. As someone who has lived through a cheating relationship and then had to work through the trust issues....I can tell you this is not going to happen over night, nor even WEEKS. It will take many many months before you can get back any trust you had in him.

Look at it this way......its like being overweight, you didn't get there in one day, and you aren't going to get back in one day. Just don't let him push you because HE is ready to forget. He isn't the one who has to deal with this side of things....all he has to deal with is his own guilt. Trust me, you have the rougher road to walk.

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