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its hard to get over a break up....but really. the truth is , time will heal the wound.

I dont know how old you are, but its important at my age that I dont look at it like the end of the world, I realized right now is the time to concentrate on me and my future and be "rightfully" selfish.

I date around, but am not looking for a gf anymore....however I am not a player ...I treat them all with respect and care and explain to them what I am looking for, a positive female influence.

Relationships tend to fall apart after one witnesses too much from a person. Its a game, the loser gets their heart broken, and the winner can basically care less and get over it quickly...

No one understands how your emotions feel more then you, while some are available to talk to, no one has the perfect answer.

Time does.

Find a hobby, or use this time to get in contact with a relative. It will pass, trust me, and you'll be better prepared for it in the future.

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