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[QUOTE=jerseygal;3984880]I've been married 3 years to a great guy but within the past month, have gotten close to a male co-worker who is engaged. To make a long story short, we talk at work about 1-3 hours a day over the phone or face-to-face. No flirting whatsoever, but we talk about everything from our past relationships to where we like to shop.

Problem is, I've developed feelings for him, both emotionally and physically. I think about him constantly and cannot wait to go to work to talk to him. So yeah, obvoiusly this isn't good because it's affecting my relationship with my husband. I no longer look forward to spending time with him and I don't feel as close to him as I used to.

I don't know what I should do. It is impossible to cut off contact with this person due to our jobs so should I just try and decrease contact and hope that this 'phase' passes? Should I tell this person how I feel and see what he says? I think he may have feelings for me too just by the way he looks at me and the interest he shows in me, but I know he would NEVER be the first to admit this to me out of respect for his fiance and the fact that I am married.

What's so confusing is that I don't even know what I want out of this. I get sad when I won't see or talk to him over the weekend (we only talk at work) but it's not like I want to end up with this guy or anything.
I'm just really confused.[/QUOTE]

Do what your going to anyway and leave your husband and get with the new "interest" LOL. No sense in dragging out your husbands future pain any longer than need be. Be honest with him that you broke your vows and what you have done(emotional affair anyone). Don't lie it just makes you all the more dispicable.

This is the type of thing I post about regarding good men getting screwed and here is a prime example. Instead of bringing this to your husband early, cutting contact with "romeo from the job" you play this Soap Opera game. You wanted the attention from romeo and disrecpted and lied to your husband who you promised to Love, Honor and Cherish LOL!

Instead of putting energy in your marriage you play these junior high love triangle games. When did women remain girls and not graduate to women?

No wonder many men don't want marriage anymore look at what we deal with.:dizzy:

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