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[QUOTE=USMC311;3986039]Heres my situation, I have been with my girlfriend for a little over 20 months, I'm leaving for Recuirt training for the USMC next month. I have the college credit and rotc experience to become LCPL. I think thats pretty speical on my part. Well anyways, My girlfriend just recently broke up with me on mother's day. She said we needed to take a break, to find herself, discover herself, try new things. I was totally devistated. after a week apart, she act as if we have never broken up, she still cuddles, and kisses me, matter fact she and I had sex earlier today. She says it was just sex, but i was so passionate towards it. She told me she would be doing this with other guys while I'm in recruit trainning, not planning on it, but she says its a possibilty, that breaks my heart to hear it.

I know in my heart that she is still in love with me, but i dont understand why she cant be with me. I dont understand how she wants me to wait for her, im going to be surrounded by all MEN! while shes out freely in the world. a few months ago, she couldnt wait till i left, she couldnt wait to buy, "I Love my Marine" shirts, USMC girlfriend, ect. things like that. She says that there is a chance that she will take me back after recruit training. I cannot see the day where i come home, as a United States Marine, and see that she dosen't love me anymore. I enlisted in the Marines because i couldnt afford college, and i know if I planned to spend all of my days with her, I would have to do something with myself. I know im really young and people are saying there are tons and tons of fish in my sea. because as of now, thats emotional chanllenging

What should I DO!?[/QUOTE]

The brutal truth IMO is she wants another guy and already has him lined up! She has mentally already left you! Launch her ASAP! She won't be there when you get back believe me. When you leave, leave her in the past as well for your own good. Unfortunately this is how alot of women are today. Unless your there, at your 100% best at all times, ect.. they drop ya. Learn from this and try to select a better quality women next time. I know from experience! Thank you for your service and good luck:wave:

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