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[QUOTE=waterworks;3988445]everything is fine now. she came over after that incident and apologized and told me she didnt know what was wrong with her. And no, she is not bi-polar. i'm a psychology major and I know for a fact that she definately does not have that disease. She tells me that every girl has her days and her freak outs but I cant be sure about that. I mean, A LOT of girls get really intolerable and moody, especially during their periods, and my girlfriend had just started her period that day and she told me she got really angry for no reason.

she told me she would try really hard to not do that again so i'll see. Nothing else is going bad with her, she was really sweet today. she just gets moody when shes tired, hungry, cold, warm. It's like if she steps out of her comfort zone, she sort of loses it. I don't know why she does that.[/QUOTE]

This is why I got the impression that it is not a ongoing situation for a daily basis....I know women that are just about to start their period that should be locked away during that time...LOL....I know many men and women that if they are hungry it starts to temper w/ their personality....So if it is a ongoing issue and has nothing to do w/ her periods and hormones I would agree walk away...but even my niece at 17 was the most miserable bit** to be around...So coming from a female that time of the month is like someone else takes over your body. Why do you think many women complain it isn't just about the bleeding and being irritated with that its the whole mood swing thing that we also as women can't stand ourselves during that time...But, as I said if this is an regular basis every week then I agree the girl has issues and walk away from that whole scene.....

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