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2 days ago I accompanied my girlfriend downtown(takes an hour to get there, public transit) to a bar. We stayed there for an hour. I don't like going downtown because I dont like taking the subway and I'm short on money. I was supposed to go camping today but couldnt becasue of rain. She was going to a restaurant downtown with her friends tonight. I told her i really didnt want to go. Then she started getting all heated up telling me i never do anything with her(not true, ive gone to most if not all of her events in the past few months) and then she says shes tired of our relationship and that she thinks we need a break and that shes tired of me and that she hates me. so i drop her off at home, no kiss, no nothing. she sends me texts about how im an inconsiderate ass and how im mean. i explain that i cant do EVERYTHING with her and that she has to learn how to do things by herself sometimes. then a few hours pass an she texts me saying 'someone got raped a few days ago at the subway station, would be funny if that happened to me' obviously it wouldnt. i told her this and she replies with 'wtv not like you care'. like what the hell man. I didnt do anything to her. Shes been acting so irrational for weeks now. she was on a role today, trying to make me feel like shit, like the worst ive ever felt. at some point she tells me she isnt going anymore and that all i do is make her cry and make her unhappy. then an hour goes by, she sends me a text telling me she just hydroplaned on the highway and that she almost died and she says shes laughing and she thinks its funny. now she tells me shes at the subway station and she doesnt need me to be with her. shes acting manic right now. like nothing is bugging her, when before she was all depressed and angry at me. i dont know what her problem is but i nearly had a heart attack when she told me she was almost in an accident and she didnt care. she tells me now 'hope i dont get raped!' like its a big fucking joke.

I really am at wits end, i dont know what to do anymore. i cant just say no lets take a break because she might do something completely stupid and irrational like what shes doing tonight and it would be my fault. man im so lost as to what i should be doing with this girl right now. its like she enjoys stressing me out until i feel like im going to die or have a panic attack.

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