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My name is jeff. I was single for a long time with my divorce and military didnt have much time for a long relationship. i moved to cali and started dating again. I met my GF julie on an internet site. We have been dating for almost 6 months now. When we first started talking we hit it off quick. We had sex the first night. She has 3 kids and I have two that dont live with me. Her only thing that she likes to do is to go on rides with guys on harleys. At first i didnt think she wouldnt want to go all the time. I trust her that she wouldnt cheat on me.

The relations ship was very good for the first 3 months. She was very touchy and hands on. Once the weather started to warm up she started to cool off. Well as she started cooling off I made the mistake of becoming more needy. yes I know i shouldnt have but i felt her drawing away and i was tring to hard to pull her back. we live about an hour away from each other. I goto her house every weekend. She sometimes will come to my house but I have to go pick her up. She tells me all the time that she loves me and I love her too.

I have asked her to tell me when she goes on these rides but she side steps and says she will just not have me come down that day for the weekend. She will not directly tell she has or hasnt been on a ride. I dont/didnt have a problem untill she is being sneaky about it. When i am at her house/apt she hides the computer screen with her body when on yahoo email or the biker web site. on any other web sites she sits back and relaxes. I feel this is very sneaky and she is hiding something. this bugs the crap out of me lol.

I feel there could be a future with this woman and she feels the same or so she says. We have had 2 talks about how she tells me I am pushing her away by being needy. I do admit I am needy. I dont know why I have never been that way with any woman before. She says i follow her around in the apt and text her to much when we are apart. In the apt she has alot of animals. it takes her about 25-30 mins to get them all feed in the am. I get out of bed and help her. We take showers together and since she only has one bathroom we also get ready in the am together. I guess we look at it differently than she does. I am just helping with the animals and saving time in the am although the shower sometimes is play time. when we had these talks i told her i could quit texting during the day when she is at work, but she says a little is ok.

So after that kinda short yet long history. Should i continue with the=is relationship or just move on. I want to stay and see how it goes, but i also want to leave because of the sneaky stuff. Now is this selfish on my part or what would be the best course here . thanks
if your gf acts surprised that strangers she meets on a biking site express an interest in her sexually, she must really enjoy kidding herself. she wants to arrange meeting these strangers in person which is plain stupid and unsafe my man would never dream of allowing such a thing. of course these men will want sex from her, they are not interested in her sparkling intellect. perhaps she is just trying to play hard to get for these bikers b/c she enjoys being pursued...or stalked, she sounds a little crazy. i'm sure if she's willing to meet up with guys she meets online she's doing it for romantic and sexual purposes, i know that's not what you want to hear, but it's true. and it's dangerous behavior on her part. even if you were not in the picture her behavior is not good for a woman with children in the house.

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