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[QUOTE=melody2181;3991129]hello a girl really appreciates lovely comments and if a guy tells her lovely comments such as she is pretty there is definatly nothing wrong with that actually i think its very mature for a guy to do so im a girl and i love lovely comment of my husband it dont make him any less of a man he he is shoiwing his sensitive side and girls love that so i hope this helps x[/QUOTE]

And that, in my opinion, is where the disappointment may come from. Let's not forget the op, this is a guy who fancies you and would want to date you. He likes you, yet you have a husband. He wants to tell you you're pretty in hopes there can be some progress in the flirting process. He doesn't want merely an "aww, thank you. you're sweet." He wants to put himself on your mind as someone that likes you in hopes that you'll put yourself on his mind as someone who could possibly like him back. Maybe not in that same moment, of course, but in time. Unfortunately, his effort is futile because you are, in fact, married.

I don't think there's anything wrong with saying such to a woman, married or not. But the motivation is the concern. It's definitely a lot easier for men in relationships than it is for men LOOKING to be in one.

Here are a few questions I have:
What kind of responses do women who are in relationships give to men who pay them such compliments as "you're beautiful/pretty/etc"? Do women have some kind of coded response that is supposed to let the guy know "thanks, but I'm unavailable" without being blatant about it? When women respond, are they hoping to get that message across, or do they just accept it as a compliment coming from a guy who isn't necessarily hoping to spark some interest?

Thinking about my typical response to women who've complimented me for my looks, I realize I simply don't see that as some kind of pick-up line. My typical response is a smile and thanks. I think people in general are that way. I guess you'd have to be DESPERATELY in search of a mate to be too afraid to tell someone they're good looking in some respectable fashion.

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