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I can't win!!!
May 22, 2009
So I live with my boyfriend and we're generally fine, but sometimes we need some space. I'm on vacation now for 6 days but I'm just visiting a friend, so we're just hanging out watching tv and surfing the net. I message my boyfriend, who is online mind you, and said a couple lines and then i said "does it annoy you that im messaging you" and he says "im going to ignore you now...i have my friend over and we're drinking beer and watching a movie."
Space is nice for him and I but when I do have that space I go nuts and I want to talk to him or at least know he's thinking about me. I can't help but send a message from time to time. Not to mention the friend I'm visiting is all cutsie and smoochy with her fiance and its annoying. Chances are I misunderstood the way he said that but I get so frustrated with the way he words his sentences. He could have said something like "its not annoying, but I was watching a movie and got up to see what this message was and I dont want to be rude. I can't really sit here and talk." So I want to scream at him but that is a very uncool thing for me to do. But I'm pissed! How do I chill the f out!? Why can't I just embrace this space? I would be a wreck if we broke up, I hate being away from him.

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