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Hello all, I have a question for the board. Okay I have been dating my GF for about 1 year and 8 months. I have thought for a while that something might be wrong with her but every time I even hint at it..........well a nuclear meltdown....followed by crying. I would like to give you all some symptoms and would love your feedback as to what.....if wrong.

1. She is VERY moody. she can be happy one second and totally switch the next. I would say that it would have something to do with her period but this is all month long.

2. she can act very immature as in pouting. anytime she doesn't get her way she pouts about it and cries over the most stupid stuff. I absolutely cannot joke with her because she takes things so seriously.

3. she gets mad at me over the littlest things (see not getting her way above). Here is an example: last night we were laying on the bed watching T.V and I had a headache. all of a sudden she starts this whiny voice saying "I need" "I need". well what she was wanting is for me to sit up and hold her cuz she told me thats what she wanted. Well I had a splitting headache and I said, "babe I've got a headache". Well you would have thought I just shot her dog (see the part about pouting above).

4. She can be extremely immature as far as the pouting and whiny voice when she doesn't get her way.

5. She is VERY protective of me. she has to know what I am doing at all times. It is even to the point that she doesn't like for me to do things and have fun when she is not there. example: our church youth group (just guys in the youth group) were going camping on some property of mine and my dads. well she had to work that day anyways and STILL did not want me to go! She also doesn't like for me to go golfin

6. this kind of falls in the over protective category (they all kind of overlap) but she REALLY REALLY wants to get married. She brings it up ATLEAST 2 or 3 times a day and thats being conservative. I even worried if it mattered to her WHO she married. Sometimes I think its just THAT she gets married. This has caused fights because she wants to get married now and I want to finish school.

7. she doesn't have many friends at all. She has 1 friend that I would say she is semi close to. She just never has been very sociable. She doesn't like big crowds and is pretty shy.

alrite those are the symptoms I can think of. I would like to give a little background. Her mother is VERY OVERPROTECTIVE and babies her. she has her whole life. My gf is 22 years old and still has a curfew for cryin outloud. Her mother still treats her like she is 12 and I can't stand it. example: I went with them to the beach this past summer and it was a day before a big storm system came in and the waves were getting a little choppy.....well her mother doesn't let us get in the water cuz she is scared of an undertoe. WERE 22 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 at that time. I guess that is one of the reasons she whines so much (her mother treats her like a kid so she acts like one)

alright can anyone PLEASE give me an idea. I know she would need to see a doctor to find out for sure but she has already said that she is NOT going to do that and she is NOT taking medicine for it.

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