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When I guy says that he wants to be friends, it may be that he wants to somehow keep the physical side of the relationship going. This happens alot more than you think. I've been there before. What I thought was a relationship as friends really turned into a prolonging of the relationship we said we had broken off..

I don't know if this is the situation with you guys, but from a guys perspective it is a possibility that it was what he was trying to do. The only other possibility was that he was trying to let you off in an easier way, because he may have been worried about how you were going to take it. This "friends" thing may have given him some extra assurance that you would be okay. Once he saw that you would, he disappeared.

From your post, it sounds like he was kind of hoping this would happen anyway. If you dropped him, do you really expect him to be available and be the person that you expect him to be? Sounds like he had some problems of his own. I don't really think it had anything to do with your best friend, other than the fact that he may have gotten a little jealous when you spent time with or associated with her. That is understandable, but IMO he really needs to grow up. He sounds kind of needy.

Not trying to give advice here, but you would probably be best to just move on.

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