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I am currently going through a break up with a man I have been seeing ( off and on ) for 2 years. It has been really hard on me because even though we both agreed on this, it still hurts like crazy! I had forgotten how painful a break up can be and I'm not sure how to proceed. See, he still "wants to be friends" and talk, but to me, that just makes it worse. Everyone keeps saying to me that " living good is the best revenge" and that the best approach is to move forward and go on positively and never let him know how much I am hurting! What exactly is meant by that statement? Does it mean to just go out, be happy, and act like it doesn't bother me? Because it DOES bother me!! Has anyone here been through a break up and used this approach?? Does it help, and if so, do you cut all contact with your ex? Or is the whole point to keep the lines of communication open and allow them to see that you can go on without them??? I would appreciate any advice you guys have!:(
You're right, it's way too hard to stay friends after a breakup. That's why it's for the best to cut them off. Eventually, after some time has passed and all of the feelings have been worked through, if both people want to be friends, that's fine. But right now, things are WAY too fresh and it's WAY too painful for you to go on pretending like you are ok when you're clearly not ok.

I've been through enough breakups that I can tell you that it really is for the best to cut off contact. Yes it's very hard to do but at some point you gradually start healing and it gets better. The only way you can truly move on, however, is to NOT have that person in your face all the time.

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