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I know exactly how you feel. It feels like the world is pointless and your never going to feel better. I was in your position before and posted to websites looking for advise. I did everything that was suggested and here are the things that helped the most that I HIGHLY recommend. Have faith! Here goes:
1. NO CONTACT! NONE! It's called N.C. and I was doubtful at first but was willing to do anything to feel better. This guy broke up with you. He is essentially saying that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. So he MUST start feeling what it means for you to not be with him anymore. You must be tough. Checking your phone every 5 seconds and wondering if it's ok to call isn't helping you. It sounds drastic but I even got my phone number changed so that IF he did try to call I would never know and it gave me a little control over the situation. I went to a pay phone, called my own number and hearing the operator say "this number has been changed, the new number is not known" made my heart feel a million times better. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
2. Go swimming. Weirdest advise my mom ever gave me. But you need to "get out of your element" a little. It really helped clenase the anger and hurt and also wore me out enough to get some sleep.
3. EAT! even if you don't feel like it. I totally lost my appetite. But luckily a good friend took me out to brunch with a bunch of her freinds. I didn't know any of them but EVERYONE can relate to the hurt of a breakup and even though we were strangers at first I still remian good freinds with those people
4. The World Is Your Oyster! Try something new that you never would have tried. Breakups are awful, to be certain but they are also amazing growing experiences. Your awareness is heightened, your noticing things about everyone around you. start a book club, or a break up club if you know other people in your situation, learn to play an instrument, draw! write! just get up and do something! ANYTHING!
5. Have you ever heard the http:// [COLOR="Blue"]* link to commercial website, and website information, removed by hb-mod, moderator * [/COLOR]

I hope you feel better! And listen, even the breakups that I thought I'd never get over, the big ones, years later I have no regrets. I still am friends with all my ex boyfriends but i never would have been if I didn't take the time to myself. Your too raw right now to have open lines of communication. Take care and good luck!

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