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[QUOTE=joojoo3126;4004683]but i always thought its my right to know everything about my boy friend since we are in a relationship and some how committed to each other and we are not supposed to hide anything from each other and if we do it can mean that we are hiding stuff from each I wrong ? or im thinking very romantic ??[/QUOTE]

No, it is your right to let your boyfriend have some rights. That's like having constant police patrol and is not the least bit romantic.
Think of it this way: You are a law abiding citizen. The police force trusts that you are a law abiding citizen. They don't snoop through your purse, watch you in your house, invade your privacy to see everything you're up to. They trust that you are just doing what you're supposed to do. (for the most part)

What you are doing is being oppressive. That is a really bad feeling for the "oppressee" (word?). It is a feeling of not being trusted, it is a feeling of uncomfortableness and it's a feeling people don't like to have.
Plus it makes you look really bad.
Just because he is your boyfriend (and for not even that long at all!) does not mean he has no rights to privacy and has to let you know EVERYTHING.
This is about respecting someone.
Now, if he is doing something cheating-wise and/or if you have a strong gut feeling that something is not right, then you need to have a heart to heart talk with him. Don't demand or expect him to give you his private things.
My parents have been married for over 30 years. My dad lets my mom do her "own" thing. I have NEVER seen him go through her purse. That's her business and he leaves her be.
My mom lets my dad do his "own" thing. They are individuals with their OWN interests yet they are one together in life.
Come on girl, lighten up for goodness sake!!!!! :dizzy::eek::dizzy:

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