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[QUOTE=rosequartz;4013660]this has nothing to do with jealousy or a past relationship
listen to your gut's trying to tell you something.
you need to get self sufficient so you don't have to put up with someones nonsense just to get your car repaired. Do you work?
Do you have any family or friends who can help you temporarily until you can get on your feet.[/QUOTE]

i work full time but i dont have any left over after i pay rent and lights for car repairs, dr. bills, stuff like that. i tried 2nd night job for 6 months. it killed me. resulted in health problems, fatigue, stomache issues, ect. parents don't believe in helping me or my brother because they didnt get help from their parents so i guess they feel they don't owe us any financial help with anything. my brother had to pay for his 5 year college himself. i am still trying to save to go to college. i'm 26. it's a mess but i dont know what else to do. any suggestions?

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