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i want to be best friend with my ex boyfriend. we live in different countries and chatting online. he is talking nice with me & always want to know how i'm and what's news and so on, never keeps my messages not answered. but he is not open to me, never tells what is going on in his life, what he is thinking abt...and i'm not asking him a lot, think better he tells me when he wants..
but he started to chart with 2 my girl friends and he didn;t tell me that. my girlfriends told me and i know 100% it is true. ok, he knew them before me but still it makes me angry on him.
i feel i'm stupid having this crazy wish to be his real real friend. i don't want to be his girlfriend again or have any love affair with him. actually i have real relations in the country i live now. i\m not teenager. why i make myself crazy abt this??? and why he keeps contact with me?? we chart almost every day for more than one month. do i understand correct he just keep social / no any real feeling towards me? what do you think? if anyone bother to answer i'll be glad.

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