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Virtual boyfriend
Jun 7, 2009
Hello, i am still not sure if i should write this but really i would love some advice on it, cuz i dont really have much friends who could help me and i really feel stuck.
About a year ago i started chatting, i wanted just to talk to people, make some friends, cuz in reall life i am very shy to do that, so i kind of escaped to the virtual world. i met a guy, who fell in love with me, virtualy, at first i didnet trusted him and said that we can only be chat friends, but he wanted more and with time our relationship grew, and i started falling for him too, now its got sirious, i really take it siriously.
i am 22 now and i never had a boyfriend before, i know its soundes wierd but its just like that, i still live with my family. so i am very unexpirianced in all of that, and i allwayes have those fears now , what if he uses me ? what if he playes with my emotions? i get sometimes soo cunfused, and dont know how to go on with it. he seems sometimes that he doesent takes it to siriously, and also he cannot come to meet me, he wants me to come, but i cant go alone to the country where he lives, its just not right. i really dont know what to do, are we going to chat all our lives like that? he says all the time how much he loves me and really get romantic, but he dosent do anything about meeting in reall he said he has no money. i dont want to hurt his feelings, what if he really feels real love for me? i just dont know what to do, this virtual love drives me crazy. can it be for reall? i just sometimes fear he might lie to me. sometimes i wish i wouldent even sarted all this chat thing!!! please if anyone has some advice for me i will be very happy, Thank U.
P.S sorry for the spelling mistakes ;-)

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