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[QUOTE=sayosan;4006872]wow people thanks for the advice really, i guess U r all right about the denger of it. But the problem is that i love him, i know its crazy, i got really atached to him he is my only friend and boyfriend, damn, sometimes i just cry and cry, of what i got myself in to. I really wish i have some good friends in reall life, its just that its hard for me to open up to people . I hope i will not go crazy of it all![/QUOTE]

I don't really see that you've gotten yourself into anything really. You came here for advice concerning the matter because you don't know what to do.
You would have really gotten yourself into something if you went ahead and tried to go to him.
It is just an internet chat thing. It doesn't have to be more than that. Just tell him that you're busy and stuff like that. Get out and start doing some stuff. Start small like, volunteer work, maybe help out at a charity thing, get a nice little job somewhere. You'll meet people. There are some really nice people out there and some of them are very shy and don't have any friends. You just may meet someone who needs a nice friend and there you go. Start from there. Maybe do some work at the library or nursing home. I know the people there are always in need of care and attention and there really is no need to be shy around them.

Your problem is just what you said. He is your only friend. That's not good. You need a friend in real life. Preferably a girl, someone you can share interests with and talk to.

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