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LarryLoumom thank you for reply and i really do agree with what you said about my mom. i know she is not happy at all but she does anything for my step-dad and even when she sees him screaming at me she just says "oh well you(me) shouldn't have made him angry". he even burnt like half of my clothes one time cuz i joined a hairstyling/make-up group at school, came home late and didnt clean the bathroom on time so he punished me by taking stuff out of my room and throwing them into a bonfire in the backyard, she watched and i begged her to make him stop and she just shrugged and said "you know how he gets". he is a really mean person and i kinda do see stuff like that in my boyfriend, like the way he always tells me what to do like how i should dress, who i should talk to, which is actually nobody but him and how he threatens me to kick me out if i dont do what he wants. my step-dad does that to my mom too, like if she doesnt make him a steak and buy him beer he says he will take my sister and leave her, it is sooo pathetic and she just does whatever he wants. well anyways i want to get sum birth control but i will have to either wait for my next pay check or ask my boyfriends dad for sum money to go cuz i am broke. i am gonna talk to him tonight when he gets home from work about how i dont think we should have a baby right now and see what happens. hopefully he will be ok with it but i dont want him controling me.

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