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Im 26, my girlfriend is 20. We have been together for 2 years. Ive been in many, many relationships, and several long-term relationships. I know what im looking for, and I know what I want. I love my girl to death, she is everything to me and id do almost anything for her. In fact, I had purchased an engagement ring recently with plans to give it to her sometime this year.

Anyway, she was not attractive in Highschool and never got attention from any guys, but bloomed and is now drop-dead gorgeous. She has only dated one other guy other than me. I feel bad, because I know I dated a lot of girls, and I learned a lot from each relationship. She is still immature and has a lot to learn about love, and she feels like she needs to talk to other guys in order to determine if there is anything else out there for her.

She says the way it feels when other guys tell her that she's beautiful is on a whole different level than when I tell her she's beautiful. I don't overdo, but I do tell her she is sexy often. She feels the need to reassure herself with others that she is truly beautiful. I don't know how else to make her feel beautiful. I take pictures of her all the time, and let her post sexy lingerie ones on her MySpace and Facebook. She has never been thought of as beautiful in the past, and now she is flaunting it. Is this typical? She had a bad childhood, no parents and nobody to love her. She craves love because she has never had it.

Currently, we live together and share a lot of bills. Our lifestyle is good because we both have good jobs and we heavily rely on each other for a lot of things. We are tightly entwined financially. This is NOT an easy relationship to walk away from!

I am the least jealous guy in the world. I love her so much that I would rather her be with someone that could make her happy if she found someone 'better' than myself. Right now she is talking to a few guys. We have broke up once before, and during that time she slept with a guy she just met. The breakup was mutual, so no shady business. In total, she has slept with four people including me. I dont care if she talks to guys, but I dont want to lose her. I rely on her so much right now for all things in my life, that my world would shatter without her.

How can I let her get out there and meet new guys without jeopardizing the relationship? Is this relationship hopeless? SO many of you are too quick to say, "Just leave her!". In my shoes, this is more than a relationship, it's my entire lifestyle and love of my life. She may not feel the same way about me that I do about her, but that is fine by me because I feel that once she dates around, she will realize how much I love her, and how valuable I am to her.


Thank you!

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