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Your GF is certainly having her cake and eating it too, isn't she? How nice for her to have 2 boyfriends until one of them moves away, then she will magically "go back to normal" and have only 1 boyfriend and her normal life for a while. What a lucky girl to have such a great situation...(are you sensing the sarcasm?)

What she is doing is absolutely unacceptable, and sorry to say it, but you're allowing her to do it. She has openly admitted that she is having an emotional affair. This guy came over to your house for dinner every night? That's not right. She sure has a lot of guts to be able to pull that stuff right in front of your face. My guess is it's because she knows she can get away with it.

So what if she wants to be with YOU in the long run? Why would you allow her to have you and him at the same time? What do you think that does for your self esteem and your relationship?

I'm not putting you down, I'm just saying that you absolutely should not accept it. You should not be her second choice (when he's gone, she's all yours). She is YOUR gf, and you deserve her respect, not him. And I don't think it'll end when he moves. She will continue to call/text/email him and the emotional affair will continue. If it were me, she'd have to cut off all contact with him if I was going to stay with her. And to be honest, chances are, she'll sneak around and do it.

Do you really want to be with someone who isn't 100% committed to YOU and you alone? If she really loved you and wanted to be with only you, she would not carry such a public emotional affair.

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