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[QUOTE=xpcandy;4018209]Not to change the subject...but this must be a personality disorder...I know someone that does exactly this. If you say something about something atrocious that they did...they will say I did it or I made that up! Could someone tell us if that personality disorder has a name? It MUST!:dizzy:

About your problem...I agree with what the others you really want to spend the rest of your life putting up with this? You think you are resentful now...wait until you realize life has past you by!:eek: You are still very young. You said you've been with this guy 10 years and you were kids when you met so I'm assuming you are NOT EVEN 30! To me you are still a KID! I'm in my mid 40s! OH TO GO BACK AND HAVE A RE-DO! WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE to be 30!!!!!!:([/QUOTE]

im only 25, its just that yes he can be an ass but he can also be really nice and supportive, when he wants to be. He has been nice to me for the past two weeks, ever since my friends left me, we have been threw so much together its hard to picture my life without him. He says if i left him i could have everything, he would go out and find some little job and an appartment, it makes me feel guilty and sad for him. He says that if i think he is a jerk that i should meet other guys. But thats the thing i dont know if our relationship is normal, ive never had anyone to talk to about it. hes my first boyfriend i always thought our love was special and different. but maybe it was so good only because i gave him everything he ever wanted. we were fighting alot ever since i made those new friends because they wanted me to hang out with them, to go out for a couple of drinks, which is something i have never done without my husband. I went out with them twice and it created a lot of problems in my marriage. I also went out with one of the girls to the park and other places like that with my kids and we had a really fun time. Ever since they stoped hanging out with me my husband has been really nice and helpful. I just dont know if this is only temperary untill i find a new friend.

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