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I agree with the last poster. In addition, if I wanted to sabotage somebody's relationship, I would do the same as your "friend"; wait until the GF is not in a position to rebut or defend herself, and you have time to let suspicion really fester, so by the time you do see her, you are ready to believe anything! did you say that this 'friend' had tried to break you up before - talk about fruit of the poison tree; Stop this micro analysis of everything your GF may or may not have said or not said, or texted; you are only torturing yourself. Maybe she is naive or silly, that doesn't make her a cheat. Trust your own knowledge of her. Even if she were alleged to have done something criminal, it must be proven, and your 'friend' has done nothing but plant some very ugly hearsay in your ear. He will back off when she challenges him and say that he was mistaken, no harm done etc etc...What a coward! I bet he is already rewriting his claims. Sera.

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