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The guy wants intimacy but he's obviously going about it the wrong way and is perhaps a little dense not to have noticed that yet. If you've been reasonably direct with him, be even more direct with him that him constantly touching you doesn't make you frigid it just makes HIM a pest.

It could be that he used to be like this to a much lesser extent but when things were fresh perhaps you'd think it was more fun and rise to it a bit more. Perhaps he's trying to inject some fun into things but unfortunately he maybe doesn't have much else in his repertoire so he's just doing it more and expecting it to work at some point!

Ask him why he keeps doing it, then maybe you can help him find another way to express his affections beyond a constant grope-o-rama. If it's got to the point of damaging clothes then that's a pretty constant annoyance!
I had one of those! You're totally right it's really annoying! You get to start feeling like a piece of meat instead of a person.

What I did didn't work either. He would constantly grab my chest and I would tell him it doesn't turn me on, it makes me want to tazer the loser!

He has been my ex for 7 years. It' a serious show of disrespect for him to not listen to you. He is showing you that your feelings don't matter and furthermore he is twisting it around to make it your fault by calling you frigid.

This guy is a pig and you should ditch him because he sounds like an immature disrespectful pile of monkey goo. You need to assert yourself and don't settle for being treated like this from anyone!
I dated a guy like that too!! It was the most annoying thing in the world, and the biggest turn off. Seriously, we would be driving and all of a sudden, the guy would just start groping my chest as if this were going to do something for me! And when I broached the subject with him, he acted as if I were abnormal for not enjoying this. I am not sure if some guys just don't understand that it isn't pleasant to just be the recipient of random groping, or if this is their way of asserting ownership or what, but no, in my opinion, that sort of behavior is NOT normal.
Ugh, yeah I know all about this too, what's with these guys? There's a difference between both people enjoying the playful touching and the guy just blatently crossing the line and doing it constantly after an opinion has been expressed by the woman that it's unacceptable. Your boyfriend has totally crossed the line and you need to tell him you're done with it. Tell him that you are no longer interested in him touching you at all unless he can do it in a loving and affectionate way.

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