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hi, i was with my ex for 4 years, together since we were 14/15. i broke up with him 5 weeks ago. but i really, really regret it. we met briefly and had a chat, basically he said he was angry at me for doing it (my reasons were to do with depression, not getting better etc). but he said "maybe we'll be together in the future." so i decided to give him space. haven't seen him since.

its his birthday today. so a couple of days ago i text him asking if he wanted to go for dinner with my parents, he said it might be weird. so i said "am i just never going to see you again then?" and he said "no you can, i just dont want dinner with your parents" so i said "without them?" and he said "maybe".

i have noooooo idea where i stand? :( i mean when i asked if im never going to see him , he said "you can" what does this meannn? im going to text him tonight asking if he has decided on dinner (he said he thinks he's free on wednesday). ive also been given a higher dose of antidepressants, so i feel alot better and happier now.

any advice would be appreciated :(

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