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I know this isnt like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship problem, but its with one of my best friends. I met him in 9th grade, and i am about to start my final year of college. He always had a strange personality, where he is extremely shy, but he always was looking for attention. He obviously had some problems talking to people, but it was understandable, the way he was at that time is what tons of people have, no big deal.

But maybe 4 or so months ago, he began to change. And about 2 months ago, i stopped being able to tolerate it, and i am really not even considering him as a friend anymore.

Lately he turned into someone who is always in direct competition with everyone elses' personalities. Among our mutual group of friends, i am the goofy one that says the stupid things that always make everyone laugh. If i say something really funny, our mutual friends sort of turn it into a "term", and repeat it when the time calls for it. What this friend does, is he will find one that i said once, and it was only repeated once but it made everyone laugh, then he will use it as his own and repeat it until its funny again. Or he tries to come up with his own little jokes, and once he gets ONE chuckle out of someone, he will repeat it to no end. Then when i say something funny, and it makes everyone laugh, he is the only person who intentionally doesnt laugh and typically mocks whatever i said. This is one reason why it always feels like he is in a non-stop competition with me, its not that bad, but its rather annoying after awhile. The other things he does are what set me off.

The other thing that changed is now he turned into this really aggressive jerk. He is over the top mean to everyone, and he talks to everyone as if he owns them. This is my major problem with him now. When i say something intentionally stupid, he has the nerve to call one of his friends some really harsh names, and you can hear in his voice that he doesnt say it in the context of a joke. Then there are other times where he literally mocks you to your face (or sometimes over the Xbox, where i also talk to all of our mutual friends at the same time), or calls you a name directly to you, and its obviously not in good humor. He does this to everyone, not just me, but it seems like it happens most with me. Typically, i just pretend i didnt hear it and move on. I am a non-confrontational person, but i will if i have to, the only time i hate doing it is when its with someone i care about (not like a stranger, or a boss, those i dont care). Then he literally bosses people around, for example all of us (mutual friends) hang out on most Mondays, when he asks me to bring something, he will call and leave me a voicemail saying "Hey, bring ____, dont forget like you always do, bye" in a really degrading tone. I never bring things for him anymore, and i have told him, if he wants me to bring him something he can ask me like a normal person and maybe ill end up bringing it. Another thing is that now he does not do any favors for everyone, because he complains how far out of his way he has to go to do something, but when everyone stops doing him favors, he complains, calls people names, and acts like a little kid.

Another thing that changed is his language. He talks extremely perverted now, and he never used to. I am not a perverted guy and i do not talk like that in any way. But the things he says are over the top for even the way other guys talk. I try not to bring my girlfriend near him anymore, because i dont want her assuming that is how i talk as well. It seems to me like he is trying very hard to be someone that he is not.

Honestly at this point, i dont even consider him a friend at all anymore. Not even a tiny bit. I used to love going into the store that he works in, it has a lot of things that interest me, and it had some amazing prices on things. Now, i never go there JUST to avoid him. The only time i go is when i know he isnt working, and if i HAVE to go, i will rush in and rush out to avoid contact with him. This is a day to day basis thing, and i cant stand it anymore. I hate losing a friend, especially a good one, but i have no clue whats going on with him.

Like i said, we are in college, i am 21 he is 20, i am on my final year he is on his second year of college. Its an understandable change for high school, but this occurred AFTER high school. Like i said, i tolerated this for a few months, now its too much. I know everyone else notices it too. Can someone help me make sense of this?
I have the problem!!! I have a friend I've known for about 4 years and we used to be great friends. I met him on the school bus in 6th grade. We're in 9th grade now and ever since he broke up with his girlfriend, he's been an annoying bitchy asshole. He purposely critisizes things I like or have done badly. He bitches about my friends being mean to him when their trying to help him. He like to make fun of me and my friends and then gets mad at us for getting mad at him or when we tease him. He always wants attention and calls me a depressed zombie for not paying attention to him. I tell him f*** off and leave me alone, but thinks I'm joking or ignores me and continues to be annoying. He has no soul and I just want him out of my life.

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