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[QUOTE=EDC_Light;4027484]She DOES have the right to move on. I was just expecting her to get back with me about the letter, I guess. I wasn't necessarily spying, but when I saw her, it got my attention. The problem of living in an apartment with a view of the parking lot. I just need to keep my shades shut, I suppose.[/QUOTE]

I wish my boyfriend was on these boards to talk to you, haha. He had a VERY similar situation several years ago. His gf broke up with him and they lived in the same complex (she behind him kind of) and they shared the same parking lot. He was trying desperately to get her back but she started dating someone else. Every time he looked out the window or went out to his car, he'd see his ex's new bf's car in the parking lot. It devastated him every time.

Anyway, he had a similar experience where he got really drunk and did something really stupid because he saw the guy's car in the parking lot and got upset. He paid for it too, just like you did.

So, my point is that you're not alone, but it's obviously not a good place to be in. Unfortunately, it's where you live, and I don't think there's much you can do. Any chance at all that you can move?

I don't think you really have a lot of options except to not look. I know it's probably hard not to, but you'll only end up hurting yourself. No one needs to watch someone they love with someone else, only bad will come of it. So, yes, close your blinds.

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