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I am 28. My ex and I were dating for 11 months. 5 of those we were living together. We were having some issues living together and thought it would be best if I moved out, but then 2 days later he broke up with me. He claims that there wasn't enough passion in our relationship and it was just a compatibility issue. Then he proceeds to tell me that he thinks the world of me, that we have so much in common, have such a great time together but we'd be better off as friends. I am deeply heart broken. I knew he wasn't 100% happy, but nothing I thought was deserving of a break-up. It was very unexpected.

He was the love of my life and a really want the chance to try again. Its only been 8 days since the break up. I haven't really been in contact with him, just a few brief emails and a few face to face as I was packing my things and moving out. I have found a new place to live across town but havent told him. He thinks I have moved back in with my parents until I find a place.

I have told him that I agree with the break up and that it is the best path for both of us in an effort possibly mend things in the future.

Can anyone offer tips on how to get my love back in my life? As soon as my things are all out of his place I am not going to initiate contact with him. How do I handle it when he calls? Because I know eventually he is going to. Has anyone had a similar situation and gotten their ex back?

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