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Hi from Sydney!

OK here's the deal, have been going out with girl for 2 months. met her online. Spend almost every day / night together, both report to each other that we're very happy with one another, and seem to have amazing time together. have met familys, friends, officially a couple and have been for about a month.

Anyway, logged into social networking one morning to find it was already logged in as her (the macbook remembers it) ... which is cool ... i didnt realise immediately , and opened a message in inbox from this other guy ... and then could not help myself but read / pry.

He's another guy she'd been chatting to about same time we had met ... they havent actually met. Anyways, the convo back n forward (about each others day to day things and lives, as you do when youre flirting) has been going on right up until about a week ago ... then it goes cold from her perspective she hadnt replied to his last 4 odd messages.

However his last message indicated that she had recently texted him (and he had only offered his number recently) .. and not long before that there he was asking her to go to some event, to which she said she might swing by for sure.

in the conversations also he has asked her about me a few times, she's ignored that, and when reporting to him what she's been up to ... there's been no mention of me at all.

However she DID write back and tell him earlier in the piece that she is seeing someone and that she therefore cant go have one on one lunch with him, but that she could still go to an upcoming event.

They'd also talked about catching up for a drink the other week (i was out with friends that night), about 2 weeks ago.

Am i completely over-reacting?

The reason it irks me is because she has kinda "hidden" it, and has responded to his advances by accepting his phone number and then texting him! ... and i would have thought when you are with someone you dont allow for any other guys to be in the mix (ie when you KNOW someone is chasing you for a date / more than friendship, you should stay away??)

We've both been hurt in the past, both report that we're very loyal type partners and both have said we're exclusive, and happy ... so why this bit of banter goign back n forward between them?

The event she was invited to is ina couple weeks, ive heard nothing of it, perhaps that can be a litimus test ...

im most interested in girls responses here ....

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