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I was in a relationship for 2 years that sounds similar to yours. Although we weren't as mean to each other as you guys sound like you were, but we could never get along.Like you, I had never met a person that I just simply could not get along with! It was strange, but it happens. It was hard to leave as well because of the history, but it had to be done. And it really didn't take long to get over him because it was very freeing being done with all the disagreements and fighting. Sometimes two people are just so different or see things so differently that it's like oil and water. I'm still "friends" with my ex (we talk on IM sometimes) and we still can't get along and he still pushes my buttons.

Anyway, he and I broke up about 2.5 years ago, and I've been with a new guy for 2 years. My relationship now is happy and healthy. We don't argue over the dumb things like my ex and I did, and we get along and "go together" well. My relationship with my ex didn't affect my relationship with the new guy. If anything, it's helped me appreciate a happy, healthy relationship. It feels so different to be in a relationship where we actually get along, and I'm so grateful for it.

If you are the type of person who generally gets along with people (like me), I don't think your relationship with your ex will affect your new ones. Sometimes people just are SO wrong for each other, so when you find someone who is right for you, it will just click. I think any good relationship should be generally easy. That's not to say you're never going to fight/argue/disagree, but overall, I think if a person is right for you, it will be easy to get along, you won't have to work at it.

Like the poster below me said, once you find someone who you actually get along with, you'll wonder how you ever stayed with someone like your ex for so long.

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