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i think you should break up w this girl, just my opnion. i know you probably love her and want to "help" her, but it sounds like she is a very unstable person. im telling you this out of experience i was with a boyfriend for about 2 years who had controlling problems like this, and was also bipolar, one time when we were at a bar he got so angry with me because a guy looked my way that when we got into the car he punched me three times in the face and started driving super fast and told me he was going to crash into a pole and kill us both, after i tried desperatley to calm him down he finally took me home, i then grabbed the keys so he couldnt drive (because he was obviously in no mental state to drive), and ran into my house before i could make it past the street he pushes me as hard as he can into the street where it had a bunch of gravel on it...needless to say things got out of hand, he later apologized and said he was soooo sorry and would never do it again, i believed him. Needless to say our relationship ended but not before it got much worse and i was pushed, kicked, punched, hit everything, not to mention the emotionally abuse.He had serious issues and feel like he had no control over himself and emtions so he tried to control the only thing he could which was me.. its going to get worse, break it off before it gets worse, and dont put yourself thru that.

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