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Anne you are very right-I do not understand the full jist of an alcoholic. My Husband drinks a lot of beer and it does contribute it to his mood changes. I also know there is something way deep in there that he is angry at and that person isn't around so he takes it out on me. Not good. Even my own family are all alcholics-sister (51); 2 brothers (50 & 54) & my son(37) are always so wasted I refuse to even answer their calls.

I am surrounded in a sea of alcholics-none of them-not one of them make any sence, my sister repeats herself and doesn't take any thing serious and tries to talk like she lives in this perfect fun world with a "don't ruin my fun" motto.. She got and impaired charge in Nov 08 and lost her job Mar 09 most likely due to her charge, even that doesn't put a damper on her fun!

2 brother's both alcholic's make no sence when they babble. My son hates when I pop by and he has had a few beers (most likely more than a few) and he has just smoked a joint.

My husband drinks at least 4 beers a day after work, if he is home it goes up to 6-9 and on the weekend lots- I have no idea-but it's lots!

The thing about this is they all point their fingers at me as being the anti-social one. I have no desire to be around them. I have things I like to do that I want to do & I don't drink. I don't accept the alchol issue as an excuse for anything.

I do avoid my husband like the plague when he drinks. I can already tell it is going to be one of those up - tight weekends. Just by the way he is talking to me. He left the house earlier without saying goodbye or anything-when I asked him where he went he said - no where! Games!! I don't care where he went he should have stayed longer. I grabbed my stuff off the table and I am now back in my room away from him. What a boring stressfull life.

Every time he gets paid I take $500 of the top for myself and save it for that day when I can't take it anymore and have enough saved to make a move.

I used to be a weekend drinker to socialize although not every weekend, when I stopped it was for health as well I grew up and just didn't need it anymore. My whole world changed. Absolutely no support or understanding from any of them-they just think I am boring person now-I like being boring. Besides they have never taken an interest in what I do so they don't know me anymore

Well thanks for listening I won't go on anymore. Have a nice day all of you.

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